We are video production and digital media marketing company with a 20 year history as an industry leader.

Media for Business! Brand for Life!

Welcome to Peace Entertainment! We are a boutique style brand media agency that offers customized content solutions in the field of branding, video production, life events, and digtal marketing for our clients. Whether your launching a new brand or want to improve your existing services, our media solutions have you all covered.

3 Areas of Focus:

  • Brand media club


  • Brand media strategy 

  • Productivity & production

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About ‘Peace’ and His Team

The founder is passionate about helping produce positive business and entertainment change through the power of visual arts – he strives to connect and engage.

Always drawn to lights, camera and action, he began as a Hip Hop artist named “Peace.” After studying communications at Howard University and obtaining a degree in broadcast journalism from Bowie University, Rick acquired the skills to write and produce videos and document special events. This led him to do work for Black Entertainment Television, News Channel 8, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and chosen music groups.

The attribute "Peace" stuck and he has watched his own scope and skills grow, along with his client base. In 2001, Rick launched Peace Entertainment, Inc. to bring quality videography to the masses.

Now with Sidney, Monte, and the rest of the team he has added marketing, photojournalism, live streaming to the mix.

Our Approach  

Consultation with a video marketing strategy, communication, transparency, production, and results. Tell us about your audience and what you wish to achieve, and we will develop a professional video and content that converts or a video that preserves important moments.

  • We work to understand your audience

  • We connect with them

  • We ask questions and listen to your answers

We place ourselves in your shoes and communicate your message until we get it right. Your message and memories, your business and life are too important to leave in the hands of an amateur or someone who makes assumptions about what they think you want. Too important to capture and edit on substandard equipment, a smartphone or notebook. Too important to get stuck in internet traffic!

Our Culture Is Our Core Values

The culture of Peace Entertainment Media are our core values: Integrity, Belief, Customer Service, and Peace Of Mind in this digital world. Helping you stay visual and viable to reach goals as well as stay relevant! As a business, marketer, or one just out for success we know your either spending time working or living or your best life!  

are you ready to expand your brand?

Peace Entertainment is headquartered in Northern Virginia, but we serve the entire Washington Metropolitan Area, including: Fairfax County, Prince William County, Fauquier County, Loudoun County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and more. We also serve clients in major markets across the United States.

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FREE Public Relations for the business community. 

"Add Value To People" Part 2" Gainesville, VA.
- Peace Entertainment Media

"Be Safe In Your Surroundings"- Part 1
- Peace Entertainment Media

"Add Value To People" Part 1" Gainesville, VA.
- Peace Entertainment Media

Movement Fitness "5 Step Guide to Eating Out"
- Peace Entertainment Media

"Manassas Olive Oil Company"Manassas,VA     -Peace Entertainment Media

ALL Things Writing
The How To On Website Content - Part 1 

- Peace Entertainment Media

Priscilla Lenora Miles

“Rick at Peace Entertainment was very professional and accommodating. I will continue to use Peace Entertainment services in other academic, ministerial, and professional needs!”​


—  Priscilla Lenora Miles, CEO of Crystal Clear Ministries