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If your business requires marketing, our membership plan could be best for you! Learn how our membership plan saves you money.

Peace Entertainment Membership Program

The future is now, your clients should see you in it more often! Consistent professional marketing & content to increases your businesses visibility in the market place, helps your SEO ranking, and will bring your ideal clients to you. Peace entertainment makes sure your company's message is seen and heard every month!

What are the benefits of joining Peace Entertainment's membership program?

  • Enables your business to have regular high-quality video content.

  • Branded video content, which gives your business a consistent marketing message.

  • Professional videographer creating and editing your videos each month.

  • If your business requires regular video content, our membership program will save you money. 

  • Members get discount on a range of Peace Entertainments services.

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Marketing & Brand Design

We’re all about getting your the Brand to the Public. Video/SEO/SEM/Google Ads even more tactics. Your story is not just told it's Video Public Relations. Your business reaches your audience that the matter most.

Social Media Creativity


Social media marketing done right helps businesses stay top of mind among their followers. Consumers recall engaging content, advice or a humorous post.  Learn to go Viral Here! Create highly-shared media that engages - extremely powerful.

Photo & Video Production


All businesses need video and visuals to build an audience, resonate in the minds of clients, and promote core offerings. Videos get noticed more, viewed more, rank higher in search engines, and engage your clients far more than static content.

Video & Blogs


How & Why?
Everyone Loves Videos & Insight! Videos & Blogs Make Your Business & Journey Real. The Future Is Visual SEO Loves Blogs & Video Too

How does the Peace Entertainment membership program work?

1. Choose membership. Apply for what suits you.

2. Plan For Success. Set up your FREE consultation and strategy meeting. Where we discuss your businesses video content strategy.

3. Make It Your Own.  Create video and content where we work your video shoot or photo, animation or motion graphics to be created and schedule studio services.

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