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Services of peace entertainment media

Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland's Video Production Public Relations Company.

We create powerful business video and marketing content that converts and event videos that effortlessly capture the magic of a moment.

Services Include:

Digital Marketing 

Branding Videos  

Public Relation Videos 

Wedding Videography 

Music Videos 

Explainer Videos

Online Commercials

Social Media Marketing


Service & Product Industry


The service and product industry intersects with every organization there is. You must effectively communicate with a variety of audiences to make sure each one understands who you are. Also, what your business provides that others cannot and how your work can benefit them. Well marketed branding videos are perfect for that. Especially with our digital media marketing and video production process.

Corporate overview video marketing campaigns shine a light on what makes your company unique and what separates you from the competition. They motivate potential clients to hire you, and they inspire top-notch talent to want to work for you. Testimonial videos offer an excellent way to establish trust in your organization before they pick up the phone. And, if you’re feeling ambitious, a short documentary exploring an interesting or emotional story behind one of your products or services can be an extremely effective part of your communications strategy.

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Realestate Services of peace entertainment media

Real Estate

Whether you’re an agent, builder, developer, or architect, we’ve developed a variety of video content to entice people to check out a location, service or product. Overview videos offer an excellent way to highlight the benefits of a new community or development. They also offer a unique opportunity to establish a strong first impression. And if you want to establish trust, testimonial videos offer an authentic and compelling way to establish a rapport with your audience.

“Listings with a video walkthrough get more than double the page views and double the saves than listings without video.” Zillow

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Healthcare & Fitness Industry


Dental, medical, and fitness industries constantly evolve. Private sector policies react to legislation and market conditions. Staying on top of that information is a struggle for most organizations. It’s a good thing we have video and marketing strategies.

Video and marketing allow you to connect with your target audience. A corporate overview enables you to share your organization’s story and enable consumers to engage with your product. A short documentary appeals to viewers on an emotional level, showcasing how your work saves lives. And to attract the talent that really makes your organization look good, a recruitment video reveals the most rewarding elements of your organization’s mission.

Video also offers you a powerful tool for communicating with internal employees. Training videos enable you to update employees on policy and procedural changes. Safety videos demonstrate how to improve workplace conditions. Or maybe you just need a demo video to train your staff on the latest software applications.

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Healthcare Benefits
Healthcare Benefits

Technology - Coming Soon

Yeah, technology is important. It remains one of the fastest-moving industries. Therefore, technology-based companies need to focus on how they communicate with their audience. We’re good at that.

Videos provide an extremely efficient method of describing new technologies, discussing complex systems or sharing ideas. Overview videos allow you to showcase the human side of technology and how your organization, product or service benefits the end user. Be genuine in your approach and clear in your organization’s mission, and you’ve got an extremely effective recruitment video.

But don’t just limit yourself to live action. Animated videos and software demonstrations also offer an engaging platform to describe your company or discuss its benefits.