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A subscription-based offering of Services & Information, that allows businesses to learn to create content that generates leads & stand out. Also, have an inhouse production & brand marketing team, get things done, save time & money, and manage it all. Like COSTCO, but receive membership privileges & membership service(s) to grow to the next level

   Joining the club means membership privileges & membership service(s). Membership service includes brand videos and marketing. Brand videos are typically created as a part of a larger advertising campaignThe goal is to build awareness around your company and to intrigue and attract your target audience.​

     Ongoing benefit      starts @ $99.

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  • Your Company. Your Events. Your Career.

  • Social Media & Google Campaigns

  • Content Marketing

  • Promos & Interview videos ​ 

  • Commercial succes stories

  • Product/ Service Reveals

  • Brief Company Image Overview

  • Explainer videos

  • Tips/ FAQs and Educational videos

       WHY Join Peace Entertainment?


              Members Receive Service


WHY Join Peace Entertainment? 2nd Answer: Privileges

Save money and time monthly

  • Completing bulk tasks for goals saves dentist, healthcare, fitness, real estate brokers, lawyers, and other industries time and money.

  • Not just service and product but a movement 

  • Members get discount on a all services.

  • Free Consultion on Brand Strategies Monthly.

  • Service from marketing content/ photos to Blogs. Videos to social media post and or Ads.

Increase your bottom line

  • Drive Traffic. Engage Audience.

  • Increase sales. All on a continuous basis.   

  • 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video

Learn & Network 

 Showcase your designs

  • High quality branding videos and content allows your business to be constantly in front of your customers.

  • Let your customers visualize themselves in your products and show them how they’re made.

Choose what works best


  • Pick the type of content that works best in your marketing campaigns, including production footage and your products on models.

  • Great for all industry types, in-store display, websites, socail media, events, and presentation.

Produce & Market Regularly 


  • Professionals creating & editing your marketing campaign, videos and or content each month.

  • Already have footage? No Problem.

  • Avoid using complicated editing software and searching for a freelancer.

  • Send us your material and we’ll edit it!

Get high-quality results

  • Ads , Content marketing, and videos are shot and edited by our talented in-house team of brand specialist and videographers who’ve perfected the art of brand media marketing.


Enjoy the convenience

You don’t have to lift a finger - your videos are edited and ready to use once we send them to you.

How does it work?

    We recommend choosing 3 video styles 

    Every month you will have the option to:

    a) renew your agreement and or

    b) upgrade or custimize your membership plan

How to set up your brand marketing membership in 3 easy steps

Select a membership plan or customize

from scratch.

Step 2

Plan for success.

Get your Free monthly strategy.

Plan your marketing tasks for the month. 

Next, we'll contact your organizer to set up you FREE monthly strategy consultation.  Strategy has an impact on your bottom line.

Step 3

Make it your own.

Brand it and get your

video and content marketed.  

Develop your colors, fonts, music, and more with our flexible style and our design tools. Let Us Profuce for you. We can optimize for Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Include your logo in the video and content to make sure you build brand recognition with every view.

Develop your content via a video shoot or images and we'll add our motion graphics to tell the story and deliver when we're done. More than a million high-quality images stock photos and video clips come free as part of your Peace Entertainment Professional or Business subscription.

Custom membership & discount service options available:

Marketing & Brand Design

We’re all about getting your the Brand to the Public. Video/SEO/SEM/Google Ads even more tactics. Your story is not just told it's Video Public Relations. Your business reaches your audience that the matter most.

Social Media Creativity


Social media marketing done right helps businesses stay top of mind among their followers. Consumers recall engaging content, advice or a humorous post.  Learn to go Viral Here! Create highly-shared media that engages - extremely powerful.

Photo & Video Production


All businesses need video and visuals to build an audience, resonate in the minds of clients, and promote core offerings. Videos get noticed more, viewed more, rank higher in search engines, and engage your clients far more than static content.

Branding Videos & Blogs


How & Why?
Everyone Loves Videos & Insight! Videos & Blogs Make Your Business & Journey Real. The Future Is Visual SEO Loves Blogs & Video Too

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