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We are a boutique style brand media agency that offers customized content solutions in the field of branding, video production, life events, and digital marketing for our clients. Whether your launching a new brand or want to improve your existing services, our media solutions have you all covered.

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Meet Rick

Multimedia Mogul

Versatile  Storyteller

Video Production Maestro

Team Player

About ‘Peace’ and His Team

Meet Rick, the embodiment of passion and pizzazz in the world of business and entertainment. With a heart set on transforming the creative landscape through the magic of visual arts, he's like a human dynamo of enthusiasm, determined to link hearts and minds.

From a young age, he was like a moth to a spotlight, drawn to lights, cameras, and all things action-packed. Starting out as a Hip Hop artist with the moniker "Peace," he grooved his way into the realm of visual storytelling. Armed with a communications education from Howard University and a broadcast journalism degree from Bowie University, Rick transformed into a video virtuoso. He didn't just capture moments; he orchestrated visual symphonies. His lens danced for the likes of Black Entertainment Television, News Channel 8, and even rubbed shoulders with the likes of Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Yep, the dude was everywhere, making videos and capturing the world's curiosities.

And speaking of sticking around, that "Peace" alias? It clung to him like a catchy chorus, as he saw his talents and influence blossom like a comedic actor's career.

In the year of 2001, Rick waved his directorial wand and conjured Peace Entertainment, Inc. – an enterprise aimed at democratizing top-notch videography.

Now, let's fast forward to today. Imagine Rick, flanked by his merry band of creatives – Sidney, the sultan of strategy, and Monte, the maestro of the moment – all huddled together, conjuring marketing spells, capturing life's candid snapshots, and streaming events with the gusto of gamers on energy drinks. They're like a creative circus, and Rick's the ringleader cracking jokes and juggling ideas.

In the colorful tapestry of creative chaos, Rick stands as the splash of paint that ties everything together. He's the visionary with a taste for rhythm and rhyme, a maestro of pixels, and an architect of laughter in the world of lights, camera, and uproarious action.

Our Approach

I specialize in video marketing strategy, ensuring clarity, transparency, and results for your business. When you share your audience insights and goals with us, we craft compelling video content that converts viewers into customers or preserves precious moments.

We go the extra mile:

  • We thoroughly understand your audience.

  • We engage with them.

  • We actively listen to your needs.

We put ourselves in your shoes, tirelessly refining your message until it resonates perfectly. Don't entrust your message, memories, business, or life to amateurs or assumptions. We avoid substandard equipment, like smartphones or notebooks, and the congestion of internet traffic. Let's elevate your business together!

Based in Northern Virginia, Peace Entertainment Media proudly serves the entire Washington Metropolitan Area, extending our reach to counties like Fairfax, Prince William, Fauquier, Loudoun, Montgomery, Prince George's, and beyond. Our commitment to excellence knows no boundaries as we extend our services to clients in key markets across the United States. Join us on this journey, and together, we'll expand your business's horizons.


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