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Advertising Campaigns & Promotional Strategies

Effective marketing is rarely a “magic bullet” thing. A great business card is a good start, but you’ll need a lot more tools. A great website can do wonders for you, but that may not be the best way to reach your customers. Having a recognizable business won’t necessarily make your products fly off of the shelf. Effective video marketing is almost always going to be the result of a combination of factors. Your marketing strategy should try to identify and implement the best ones for your target audience, desired outcome, and budget.

      Marketing done right doesn’t mean you create one video, post it, and suddenly expect tons of new sales. Like any other form of marketing, video marketing requires a dedicated production and distribution strategy. You should use video to tell a story, all while guiding visitors through the marketing funnel, so you can turn brand new visitors into paying customers.

With the right video package, you’ll be able to tell your story the right way.

 Get Started With 
      Your Brand 
Package 1

Perfect for first time video & content creators. This package is designed to deliver you: 

            A Branding Video




Branding Video

You Choose:

On Camera,

Animation Video,

Motion Graphic Video

Video Editing

Optimize video for 3 keywords and post on


Instagram and Other Social Media Clips

additional Video Clips

Up to 60 sec. Video

(Depending On Your Strategy) 

On – Camera Action or Voice Over 

Background Music
Sound Effects

Free revision

    Get started with our most popular package. This package

is designed to deliver you:

A Branding Video


+ Monthly Marketing     



                  Landing Page

Google Ad Words Monthly Plan

Set up, run, and manage your campaigns for up to 4 different campaigns in Google

   $200 Monthly Payment Plan

            Add Google Budget

               Stop at anytime




Package 2
Corporate Campaign             Projects
Package 3

Does Idea Require A Scripted Production Elaborate?

    Designed to deliver you     

       Different Video Types.

You Choose Your Video Type:

  • Corporate Image

  • Commercial or

  • Public Relations Press Kit

  • Documentary etc.

 Proposal Based Project

Script/ Video Shoot/Video Editing

Professional Voice Over (optional)

Background Music

Sound Effects

Free revision

*Payment Plan 

Free revision


*ADD -On Recommended Marketing ROI Monthly 

Google Ad Campaign/ SEO/ Social Media/

Advertising & MARKETING 

You Choose Your Marketing Task

Video Blog Email


Social Media Post

Social Media Ads

Google Ads 








1. Choose the package which meets your business requirements.

How do I become a member?

2. Submit Membership Application with supporting documents and payment 

3. Set up your FREE consultation and strategy meeting. Where we discuss your businesses video content strategy.

4. Submit video content to be created and schedule studio services

    4 branding video options

Our Video Production Club videos option include:

  • On Camera Videography

  • Video Production (anything that involves a a script)

  • Motion Graphics

  • Animation 

  • Voiceovers

  • Royalty-Free background music mastered to your video to suit the mood

  • Optional On-Screen Actors

  • White Label Option So You Can Sell As Your Own Production

On Camera  - branding video