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Dental Marketing: How to Attract More Patients to Your Practice


What is the first thing you do for a sudden toothache? Whom do you run to for a toothache remedy? 80% of today's generation surrender to google for remedies. or in search of a good dentist nearby. That's why you need to have a sound digital presence. In Today's era marketing practice is getting wider and more advanced. The dental industry has a good benefit with digital marketing. One will never compromise on good oral health. So it is important to have effective dental practice marketing techniques to attract more patients to your dental practice.

What is dental marketing and its importance

Man giving a thumbs up to the camera in a dentists cabin

It is proven that any industry can shine with proper marketing. Dental industry is not so different. Dental marketing is nothing but the strategies dentists or hospitals use to attract patients or clients to visit their institution or clinic. This can be a free oral check up, discount in consultation, Or free medicine with advanced tooth treatments etc. It simply means attracting a higher number of customers.

Marketing plays an important role in the dental industry. A marketing plan helps your customers, that is your patients, in understanding the reasons to choose your clinic. Brand promotion and awareness are one of the important factors of dental marketing. With proper marketing, Targeted audience and Return on Investment (ROI) can be attained. A planned dental Marketing campaign is one of the Dental patient acquisition methods.

Benefits of Dental Marketing

Like any other business, marketing your dental business or practice helps you in many ways. Especially in today's era marking the digital presence is really important. Digital marketing is trending with its cost effectiveness and better customer attention. Let's get a few of the benefits in detail.

  • Attract a wide range of customers/ patients: Having a proper and clear marketing plan helps in getting a wide range of patients. It helps the patients or customers to know about your services and best ways to reach you for their needs. You can showcase or inform about your expertise and the best offers with you.

  • Patient loyalty: Sending mails after their visit asking about their health and experience. Or sending wishes mail on their birthday, informing them about your upcoming dental camps or awareness program. or free dental check up via message or mail etc. helps in creating a great bond between you and your customer. and it helps in increasing customer loyalty and trust.

  • Enhance online presence: In today's digital era, it is important to make your digital presence stronger. People around the world are digitally occupied. So it is important to leverage your digital presence through social media, email or on the web. Creating your own website and social media profile is the first thing to do in the digital world. Marking your location on google map with opening and close timing. Posting on social media about your offer or tips for better oral health etc. is also important.

  • Greater brand awareness: Consistent posting and marketing helps in creating your brand to stand out among others. Also proper marketing helps in increasing your brand awareness among the customers or patients. A good brand logo and consistent communication helps in placing your brand image in customers mind.

  • Better reputation management: digital marketing helps in building your brand reputation easily. Reviews of satisfied customers online helps in building better brand reputation. Responding to customers' queries and feedback is also the best way of connecting and showcase how you value your customer. This commitment helps in excelling your service and reputation.

  • Proving Knowledge and information: Digital marketing helps in educating and informing patients about the importance of good oral hygiene. the benefits of regular oral check up, latest treatment in tooth alignment etc. through social media posts, blogs or videos etc. reach them quickly. This helps in creating trust about you by the customers and building loyalty.

  • Better growth & revenue: Through proper marketing practice the growth rate and revenue can be increased. Attracting new customers and retaining the old, and providing better service helps in growth and revenue generation. Once more people start noticing your presence, more people will start to approach you.

Scope of Digital marketing in Dental Industry

A dentist reconstructing a set of teeth

Digital marketing is helping any industry these days. It is very important to have a strong digital presence to stand out in crowds and build trust and loyalty. Trends are changing and everything is getting online. Online consultations are getting common these days. People prefer doctors to be on the other end of the call to solve their queries. Since everyone is running out of time, initial consultations are mostly online and for further check up only patients visit the hospital. Digital presence helps in many ways. From online consultation to inviting patients. Providing information to take up their suggestion. Posting the satisfied customers' review to mark your clinic location on maps. The use of digital platforms is increasing day by day. Online dental marketing campaigns can increase patient flow in your clinic. Thus the scope of Digital marketing is widening day by day.

Trends in Dental marketing

  • Online Consultation : patients prefer online consultation more often in the current busy world. Quick online consultation in an emergency is preferred by most patients. It paves ways to connect with your favorite doctor even when you are away from the city. In other ways it helps the patient to connect with the specialist doctor without meeting physically. Online payment, Sending the softcopy of bills, online booking etc are also preferred by the customers along with consultation.

  • Personalized consultation: Online facility has helped the patience to keep up their privacy along with personalized care. These days everyone prefers personalized services. Even in the case of dentistry or medicine personal care and personalized treatment are expected.

  • High engagement with customers : As the reach of social media and digital marketing, people or customers often get a chance to engage with their favorite service providers. Sharing the informative content in social media, resharing the content and posting reviews about the service they received etc are a few ways of engagement.

  • Dental Insurance : Smiles are the best make up. One will never compromise on being beautiful. These days people do treatment to improve their smile and teeth. Dental coverage is the latest trending thing in the industry. With insurance coverage one does not need to take a step back to start off their treatment. Even dentists recommend the best insurance policy for the treatment customers need.

Tools Used In Dental Marketing

Marketing and various tools

  • Website : A mobile responsive website will be the first and foremost tool required to the dental industry. In today's world anything and everything is searched using mobile. So a mobile friendly website to connect with the audience is the first thing a dentist should start off with as a dental marketing strategy.

  • Social media Presence : Attracting More patients to your dental practice requires awareness about your clinic among patients. Since a lot of people are using social media it is one of the best dental patient acquisition methods. Marketing in social media will reach the targeted audience easily. Social media is also an infotainment platform which can be used to share informational posts to educate patients.

  • SEO: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the tool used in Dental marketing to attract customers. Patients search for the dentist on google for an unplanned visit or emergency. so when SEO strategies are used properly it helps in ranking your name on top of google. ON page and OFF page Seo strategies should be aligned analytically..

  • Email Marketing : Email marketing is considered as one of the best retention tools. Sending emails related to new services, wishes on important days, discount offers etc help in customer retention and create brand loyalty.

  • Location on Maps : Adding your clinic location on map helps the patient to navigate to the clinic at ease. It can be done with all the navigation tools and helps the patient to find the local address of your service.

Attracting More patients to the practice

A woman using a mic to address the audience

The intention of every business is to attract more and more customers to their business. In the case of a dental clinic you should be able to attract more patients or clients. It is not an overnight phenomena, but a continuous process. There are certain basic things we should keep in mind to attract more clients. Let's check it out:

  • Neat ambience : there is a famous phrasecleanliness is next to godliness”. It is true to the core that only a hygiene environment attracts more people. When the pictures of the clinic are posted in social media or your website gives an idea about the ambience and cleanliness of the clinic. It can influence clients in choosing you over your competitors.

  • Friendly environment : Appointing staff with people friendly and smart enough will attract more clients. In the medical profession it is important to handle patients with care and empathy. Staff who are sensible enough to act according to the clients needs are an asset. The genuine review about the staff with their mentioned name is an added advantage and free marketing.

  • Right marketing : It is always important to do planned and consistent marketing. Marketing is the backbone of any product or services. It is important to create dental marketing strategies that work for you. Strategies are important. Dental practice growth strategies for increased patient flow must be analyzed and formed accordingly.

  • Create your USP : Whatever the strategies or the branding it is always the USP that stands out. It is important to have your own Unique Selling Point (USP) for any business. It is important to find your strengths and weaknesses in your business. Using the latest technology of the dental industry, painless braces, economical root canal treatment etc. Basically creating a niche for yourself can be the best USP.

  • Timely customer review and feedback : Taking customers review seriously and working on it will help in improving your practice. It is important to work on the negatives. So when you get feedback from customers for betterment, it is important to work on it.


Like any industry it is important to have a proper digital marketing plan and strategy. To be more precise it always requires consistent effort and planning to get successful. The best hack of being successful is to sell your USP. Your USP makes you stand out among the crowd. With the USP of expert professional and latest technology in video making, Peace Entertainment Media stands out in the crowd and helps new businesses. Connect here to know more about peace entertainment.


Can Digital Marketing Help Dental Marketing Practice?

Like any other business, digital marketing can help the dental industry as well. Digital marketing is the practice of promoting your business on all digital forms. So the dental industry can also be promoted digitally with a well constructed plan.

What are the trends in Dental Marketing?

Online consultation is the latest trend in Dental marketing. Online booking and online payment facility is also stands top. Personalized treatment and customer experience is an emerging trend with the latest technology in oral care.

What helps clients in choosing Your Dental clinic?

The main reason customers choose you is by getting aware of you. First they should know about you and your services. Then they trust the word of your previous clients. So it is important to have a well active marketing channel to make people aware. And always try to maintain good customer feedback.

Is it necessary to have a good client relationship to attain more new clients?

It is true that marketing works well with word of mouth. If you are smart enough to satisfy your current patients or clients. It eventually leads to new clients or lead generation. Like always, the customer is the king.


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