Marketing your business – Video has a purpose.

Updated: Oct 3, 2017

What pops in your head when you think video marketing?

Progressive or GEICO – they win, or several campaigns on Buzz Feed. Buzz Feed is the world’s first true social news organization. Featuring tasty, short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed. There are great examples out there for Business to Consumer, but it’s important to know that video marketing can be just as effective for Business to Business campaigns. You even go beyond having the power to educate, inform, and build brand(s). The only medium that has all your marketing tools into one and reach that company you’ve always wanted to do business with.  Hey, let’s not forget to maintain business relationships that you already have!

Nothing new, but all marketing research about video being an effective way to reach your audience is not really a debate, thus businesses who do not have a video campaign are being left behind.  96% of B2B companies are using video content marketing; you can look that up if you wish.  Marketers and public relations experts should no longer be indecisive as to whether they should have a branding video or not. Instead, their questions should be: how much and how do we make our video stand out?

Our site has some suggestions about how you should approach video content marketing membership or campaign. Make your video content stand out in internet traffic (traditional marketing still helps/works):

Determine the Purpose

When producing a video, it’s normal to get overwhelmed with ideas. However, have a simple purpose – why do you do what you do? Also, who’s it for?

The purpose of your video could be:

o    Making a sale, increasing sales

o    Brand awareness

o    Educating others about how you do things in your industry to How to videos?

o    Positioning yourself as not just an expert, but someone who still help Do It Yourselfers

o    Client case study or Share an experience and testimonial

Define your purpose and if you need help, we can help! Make it easy on yourself and the viewer.

Pick the Video Type & Format

Defining the purpose should make choosing a video format much easier. Make sure to choose a video type and format that is suitable for your purpose, and connect with the “type” of audience you want to reach. From actor to animation to voiceover or motion graphic get your message across.

For instance, if your purpose is to position yourself as an industry professional, then go with serious video type and format to display your expertise.  On the other hand, creating a branding video you might want to be inventive/imaginative, draw emotion, so it’s memorable and motivates.

These tips become critical in your approach to video projects and with the right strategy will allow you to have videos that stand out in internet traffic 2016.

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