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Video Marketing Services

We operate within a culture of creativity designed to achieve your goals, while artfully delivering your message.  

Increase Reach and Revenue with Video Marketing

Video marketing is powerful, measurable, and budget-efficient. We are all about tracking – to keep your ROI positive. That’s why we measure all of our video marketing campaigns. We don't have a spend minimum or percentage fees, our advertising services are designed to drive your business and ours as a consequence of your success.

Strategy & Video Production

Would you create a commercial and buy airtime during the Super Bowl without a strateg? 


Let's create a digital marketing video by first creating a plan. Your video marketing strategy will be what guides you, your budget, your deadlines, the production process, and your conversion metrics etc... So getting this is step one of your of any process actually.

Video Distibution & Advertising

Everyon love my video, but how do I get the right people watching it and sharing it?    

Well, that's where we come in with distribution!

Distributing your video on the right channels is essential for your video’s success. Owned, paid, and earned distribution channels each have their own pros and cons, but using the right balance of them all can propel your video to new heights, spreading your brand awareness and converting users at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Video SEO

Why does video help my website rank?

Because sites with video content perform better overall than sites that don’t, search engines prioritize them. Ultimately, search engines want to do a good job, so if they see a website engages users, answers their questions, and provides a positive overall experience, they’ll reward that site with a higher rank.

What can I do to improve my SEO?

Again, there are tons of technical tips you can implement to improve your site’s SEO, but one of the best tips is to have high-quality content that educates and informs your viewer. And what’s the most educational, informational form of content? Video!


How Do I Know If My Video Is Successful?


Metrics for success differ concerning your goal. We’ve classified some of the essential metrics based on where your ideal viewer falls within the marketing funnel.

  • Awareness

  • Consideration

  • Action

Improve Lead Generation

Improve Lead Generation

From acquiring, to nurturing, and converting leads, nothing boosts the impact of your outreach efforts like video marketing.

Generate Brand Awareness

Generate Brand Awareness

Increase reach and engagement with branded videos that let you tell your story your way, everywhere.

Increase Ecommerce Sales

Increase Ecommerce Sales

Maximize your cart size and convert shoppers to buyers with videos that showcase the look, feel, and movement of your products.

Market Your Products

Market Your Products

Sell more, way more, with one-of-a-kind product launches using video marketing to reach your target audience.

Why Your Business Needs Multiple Online Videos


Adding videos to your website and social media profiles can help your business increase visitor engagement, build trust and credibility, and drive conversions from your digital properties, which is why you need more than one. Not to mention, creating multiple marketing videos is an affordable way to enhance your website and effectively present your sales pitch, product, or service.

Now more than ever, businesses are using video marketing services to captivate audiences and drive leads and sales. How, you ask?

  • Google likes to display a variety of media in its search results, making videos more likely to rank than plain text pages.

  • Next to Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine out there. Get on it!

  • You’ll increase your website visitors’ time on your website. Studies show that web pages with videos have significantly higher average time on site than those without videos.

  • Videos allow you to increase brand awareness and build trust. They’re like a commercial—just cheaper and more effective.


  • 1 FREE branding video up to 30 seconds

  • Video SEO: 1 FREE landing page w/your video(s) & optimized for keywords

  • Digital Video Distrubution & Advertising

  • Monthly Campaign Reports

  • Discounted On-Location Video Shoot - Option Available

  • Additional Branding Video Type $150.00

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