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Clientele and project case studeis.

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CLIENT: Discovery Communications
Discovery Inc. needed an ingest technical operative to: 

  •  Provide quality control (referencing scopes), ingest (to input and record) and edit metadata assigned to edited video and audio.

  • Encode (convert SD, HD, and 3D content to MPEG 2 files) such as: commercials, infomercials, promos, and programs to computer servers to go on air.

  • Administer media via Fiber Transfer Protocol and provide media library services for Discovery Channel’s commercial clientele.

  • Fiber feeds (take video via fiber lines) and live events for all Discovery Channel clients. BBC News to OWN to TLC to Velocity.

Dentist Use Video Marketing - Atlas Walk Dental Gainesville, VA: Peace Entertainment, Inc.
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   CLIENT (Member): Atlas Walk Dental

  Dr. Adi Owner of Altas Walk Denta worked with Peace Entertainment, Inc. in search of a branding video for office and websie use. To increase awarenss in his local  community and even more online with their target audience.

Our video strategies increase their conversions and repeat business by 10%.

Discover how branding videos can help you achieve new heights.


SERVICE: Branding You!
Welcome to Peace Entertainment, Inc. “we’re not only client we’re a member as well!” Branding You Is a WIN! WIN! We wouldn’t use anything on our clients that we wouldn’t use on ourselves.

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Boost your real estate business with our premium video production  services.


CLIENT: VAnderson-Realtor


Realtor VAnderson has works with Peace Entertainment and Sidney & Company on many properties to provide high quality images to her clients. Selling real estate at the best price is always a challenge - whether it's a buyers or sellers market. High quality images - HD and 3D - and video walk-through's help make this process easier. Real estate agents and property owners trust us with their investment.

Learn more about how we helped our client Acclaim USA drive conversions.


Acclaim USA (corporation) came to Peace Entertainment, Inc. in search of an improved brand image, a new website communicating diversity in service. and value. Every 6 months, our strategies continue to help their conversions.

We also provide project photography. Try now!


CLIENT: Confidential


Print and online publications require high quality images to sell products and services. The right image is essential in conveying what you want the buyer to know. First impressions are long-lasting so make sure yours are excellent.


CLIENT: All Things Writing, LLC.

(Content Marketing Company)
All Things Writing, LLC. aligns their client’s content with success!  CEO met with Peace Entertainment, Inc. to expand by offering video content to her clients. Their clients love them for adding greater value with our strategies that continue to help their bottom line.

Unleash the potential of video production services in your business growth.


Use a Professional! There’s No Debate about the success of having video or not. You Could Do It Yourself, but do your results match you time?  We add value and resonate with your clients saving you time and money. Again, we’re not only client we’re a member as well!”  It’s a WIN! WIN! See Our Membership

Build your brand and its identity with premium video production services.


We Can Help Brand Your Identity
Be the guerrilla in the room online & offline because action without a plan is a set up for failure!  

Expand your reach by availing entertainment videos services for you brand


CLIENT: Guilty Pleasures

(R&B NEO Soul Band)
Guilty Pleasures a band that had a hit on their hands (constantly playing on the radio).

They took it to the next level by expanding there reach outside the Washington DC area. We did their music video and they needed placement that would align them with bigger brands to compete. Together with their success they grew to 25k views. Time to do it again and continue to help their bottom line.


   CLIENT: Movement Fitness

Marcus Brugger Owner of Movement Fitness

reached expanded in 1 day on Facebook - Link. Their exposure Increaed by 15% with around 1,700 organic views in days.

           Marcus Brugger Gives you a

"5 STep Guide to Eating Out"


   CLIENT: Movement Fitness

Marcus Brugger Owner of Movement Fitness

Successful campiagn did performed great great New Year's reached expanded in 1 day on. Their exposure Increaed by 20% in days.

Learn More

Marcus Brugger Gives you a

"After Holiday Survial Guide"

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