Corporate Video Production Services

We operate within a culture of creativity designed to achieve your goals, while artfully delivering your message.  

We are a video production company in Washington, DC that helps businesses and brands achieve more. 

For corporate video marketing, our approach is pretty simple, capture (production) & share (marketing). Understand the purpose of each video (pre-production), inform our team to bring it to life (production), and follow a strategy and process to produce the most creative, effective and efficient videos (post production) for content marketing.

Every video project should have a purpose and a goal. Schedule a free consultation to see how we can improve growth through our corporate video production services. Schedule a free consultation to see how we can improve growth.


CLIENT: Discovery Communications
Discovery Inc. needed an ingest technical operative to: 

  •  Provide quality control (referencing scopes), ingest (to input and record) and edit metadata assigned to edited video and audio.

  • Encode (convert SD, HD, and 3D content to MPEG 2 files) such as: commercials, infomercials, promos, and programs to computer servers to go on air.

  • Administer media via Fiber Transfer Protocol and provide media library services for Discovery Channel’s commercial clientele.

  • Fiber feeds (take video via fiber lines) and live events for all Discovery Channel clients. BBC News to OWN to TLC to Velocity.

Why Do You Need Video Production?

Video marketing is the most effective way to share your services. This proven method captures your very essence on video and shares your skills with the world. Reach warm customers who are looking for you – and turn them into trusted clients. We recommend starting with brand videos and eventually upgrading to video production that requires a proposal. With video production, you can convey any type of information to your clients using a medium that blends all aspects (video, audio, images, graphics and animation) of visual marketing. Give your viewers an insidelook at what you do with our professional video production services!

Why Video Production is a Vital Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy?


Video marketing is a fast and effective way to share your content through a visual medium. Reach your audience by talking about your brand and expertise. Not only does video production offer insight into your company’s personality, but it also helps youshow your audience what you do … rather than simply telling them.


This visual aspect resonates with customers and leaves them with a better idea of what you offer.We’re here to help you look fabulous on camera, from start to finish. From writing your script and setting the stage, to a final, polished product, we will help you every step of the way.


Our video production and video content marketing services are a few clicks away. If you’re looking for top-tier branded content for your business, reach out to us today, and we’ll help you get started.

 Video Production Is The Most Effective Marketing Strategy