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Nov 8

Operate within a culture of creativity designed to achieve your goals, while artfully delivering your message.   - Rick Hughes
Nov 4

You’ve heard the saying, “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” In the realm of #DigitalMarketing , this is especially true. You need #specialization . That means hiring experts for both #Vide
Oct 29

If you're producing #VideoContent , make sure it's good quality. Your #marketing depends on it! #PeaceEnt #ATWRocks
Aug 14

YouTube reaches 18-49 year-old viewers than cable networks.  Their traffic expanded more than 40% since last year, video viewing options also opened up. Facebook as you’ve seen offers embedded videos
Nov 11

Think a #DIYVideo is the way to go? Well, DIYs might have their place in #SocialMedia land, but for #business , it's a whole different story. You need pros from #script through #production .
Nov 8

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Oct 29

"The problem is there’s so much online video content that unless you create an exceptional video and have a great outreach/marketing plan, its success is going to be limited. People don’t link to o
Oct 15

Not convinced video marketing content is worth the money or the future? Here’s a little info, more than just stats to help you understand exactly how video branding in recent years hits any audience –
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