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  • We want our members businesses to share their experience, network, and grow each others’ businesses. Wish to join please visit us and share your hunger! * Benefits: Service, Resources, Leverage, Free Publicity, REFERRALS and More! 1. Peace Entertainment, Inc Join: Online to Experience FREE Publicity -Service, Resources, Leverage, REFERRALS and More! 2. Select Business Network Meets: Wednesdays Time: 9am Location: 7540 Gardner Park Dr. Gainesville, VA 3. Network Stars Meets: Tuesday morning Time: 8 to 9 Location: IHOP, 7495 Iron Bar Ln., Gainesville, VA 4. BRN Bull Run Networking Meets: Every Tuesday Time:   8:45 a.m. – 10 a.m. Location:   ReMax Office, 15100 Washington St., Suite 101, Haymarket, VA 20169 More to Follow
  • Sima Visions on Gift Giving - Host Spotlight We all love and know Sima. She comes with gifts & goodies. Here's our Host & Entrepreneur #SimaVisions #PeaceEnt
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