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Non-Member Pricing Solutions

Delivering "Peace" of mind with your project. empowers professionals & businesses alike. Even public relations and marketers achieve their goals with us. Create (Content)! Capture (Production) & Share (Digital Marketing). The result is “Peace” of mind with your project.

​* Digital Marketing & Advertising

SEO and or Ads! Our network allows us to perform a powerful campaign that's measurable and budget-efficient. Tracking – to keep your ROI positive. We measure all of our digital media marketing campaigns. 

 * Video Marketing

We shoot, edit, and can even market your brand, product or service. Various industries and professionals from helping content marketers edit, Fitness Trainers and Gyms to Dental/  Health & Wellness to Real Estate. Great marketing involves video into the mix. From live events, how-to videos, testimonials, corporate videos, viral/ entertainment videos, explainer videos, and more.

 We support 45% of those marketers who swear by video because 87% of their industry uses it for content for their marketing strategies. We use channels and other methods to promote to your target audience with the goal of generating leads. 

If Your Brand Weren't In Front Of Them Would They Know About Your Or Your Business? Getting in front of customers & keeping them is crucial! Branding videos with brief marketing boosts your brand. Be a helper and a staple not just a story in the community. A thrill to your audience, letting them know your product or service is the right buy!- I do the videography, editing, and will even host if you’re camera shy.

More elloborate video types sometimes have the greatest impact! It takes great script, camera crew, audio technician, makeup artist, and other talent. Use a dash of Public Relations to help businesses and entrepreneurs share stories, influence audiences, and reach marketing goals in an entertaining way. 

Special Event Videography

Weddings by Peace and Sidney is for you. Our love story wedding line in the community for people to capture memories as important keepsake done best when preserved by a professional.

Great videography captures all the emotions of an event - you didn't catch all! From tears of joy of mom's and or dad's words to that powerful conference. Our videographers are experienced and use high-quality equipment for videos that will move you and your friends every time you watch.

Peace Entertainment provides a variety of brand media Business & Lifestyle Solutions for Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.
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