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Where Digital Marketing Meets Video!

Our form of digital markerting is an online & offline strategy - a full range of Digital Media Marketing services.  

Increase Reach and Revenue with Digital Marketing

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The goal of digital marketing is to drive a steady stream of qualified leads to your business. We can help you market your business on Google with digital marketing in Washington, DC, to achieve a better work-life balance for you and your industry (even for marketers). Attract targeted traffic to your site or platform with a combination of online & offline tactics.

Campaigns have evolved into digital marketing - any electronic media that markets products and services. Outsourcing to us is good thing! Our digital marketing services include:



Digital marketing - budget-efficient, keep your ROI positive as you measure your campaign(s). Without any percentage fees or minimum spending requirements, our services are designed to drive your business to success.

No matter what you’re looking for - a campaign or individual services - we’ll look at your vision and develop a plan to hit your necessary channels.

Working with Peace Entertainment, Inc. is like having a team of marketing professionals who know your organization. For teams with a marketing department, we serve as an extension of in-house capabilities. Ready to advertise your small business and achieve sales online? Start branding your business with us; our services are a few clicks away.

Your brand and your story are important. How you connect with your audience matters and that's where we can help. Strategic marketing efforts include:

  • Branding Videos

  • Brand Strategy

  • Social Media Marketing or Public relations

  • Social  or Google Ads

  • Video production

  • Content Marekting for Website design & development

We work with groups large and small, from associations and nonprofits to professional practices and corporations  We are a brand media boutique agency, meaning we adapt based on the needs of each individual client.

- Search Engine Marketing

Boost your visibility with a lead generation landing page optimized for target keywords.

            Your video is produced.

Now integrate your message into news, industry, business, and entertainment video content.

              Generate demand

Transform your videos into lead generation machines. Create sales opportunities with all the tools you need to engage, qualify and convert your prospects.

- Social Media Marketing

Deliver your message via social media and drive sharing and social actions (Likes, Follows, and Connections).

- Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Reach your audience on websites and digital publications, and get unprecedented insight into the performance of your buy.

Improve Lead Generation

Improve Lead Generation

From acquiring, to nurturing, and converting leads, nothing boosts the impact of your outreach efforts like digital marketing.

Generate Brand Awareness

Generate Brand Awareness

Increase reach and engagement with branded video that let you tell your story your way, everywhere.

Increase Ecommerce Sales

Increase Ecommerce Sales

Maximize your cart size and convert shoppers to buyers with campaigns that showcase the look, feel, and movement of your products.

Market Your Products

Market Your Products

Sell more, way more, with one-of-a-kind product launches using digital marketing to reach your target audience.

Monthly Custom Package

  • ​FREE Branding Video

  • Video Marketing

  • Paid Social Media Campaigns or Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  • Monthly Campaign Reports

  • Discounted On-Location Video Shoot - Option Available

  • Additional Branding Video Type $150.00

Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Step 1: define your customer in a new way. ...

Step 2: identify goals and tools. ...

Step 3: focus on blogging. ...

Step 4: evaluate digital marketing channels. ...

Step 5: Automate marketing. ...

Step 6: make mobile marketing work. ...

Step 7: make it easy for customers to reach you. ...

Step 8: use the right technology.