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2 Brands That Have Effectively Used Emotional Video Marketing

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

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Around 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day, according to Statista. With so much competition for a viewer’s attention, brands are now wondering— how do we make compelling content that people will want to view and share?

The answer is simple: evoke emotion. Research has shown that the most effective videos and advertisements are those that elicit strong emotions from the viewers.

Here are some examples of brands that have effectively used video marketing to elicit emotions and boost their sales.


Alibaba, in 2018, used the Winter Olympics to launch an advertising campaign based on a true story about a young boy in Kenya who plays hockey in the streets, only to end up in the Olympics. The advertisement appealed to people’s sense of hope and the goodness of the world— they were inspired by seeing people defy the norms, reaffirming their faith in the power of human potential.

The advertisement showcased all the hurdles and struggles that Kenya Ice Lions had to go through, only to succeed at the end— the risk of failure inspires the audience. Without failure or struggle, the advertisement would’ve been boring— instead, the content creators used the power of hope to elicit a response in their audience.


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In 2016, Coca-Cola introduced the Brotherly Love advertisement as part of their Taste the Feeling campaign. The advertisement showcases brotherly love— how the elder brother teases the younger brother but scares the bullies away when they try to steal his younger brother's coke.

This advertisement evoked a lot of nostalgia and reminded people of their childhood, since the ad showcased universal feelings. You fight your siblings every day— but when the time comes to protect them, loyalty knows absolutely no bounds. Relatable and nostalgic, the video showcases elements that an audience from any generation could relate to. Engaging, cute, and emotional, this was an effective use of video marketing for the brand.

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