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Media On Media! Your Fitness Business Needs Video Because…

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

“You should be playing on your client’s cell phone as well – it’s another place of business!”

Not just fitness professionals, but for businesses overall (these days) standing out has become competitive. See everyone and their momma is doing what you do! Some marketers would have you believe there’s just 1 2 3 marketing steps or tips. There’s speedy growth and recovery (pun intended) in your industry, gyms, personal trainers, boutiques and spas are all over social media promoting their brand/ business or otherwise. Now and in the future, not just video but media will stay solid for any marketing strategy. It’s a vital organ for growth; even more so, for the fitness industry.

Do you learn visually - more than likely? Fitness is a visual business, video duplicates you and your efforts while your away. Positioned correctly it adds volume to your brand’s message while sharing content the way viewers usually consume it. That makes it a medium (an agency or means of doing something), an all-encompassing form of communication. The fitness industry usually takes has an upper hand when it comes to marketing on social media – visuals that are stunning. Their message is normally communicated as a lifestyle brand depending on their audience.

You may already know, but here’s a few reasons fitness entrepreneurs are using video through media to reach goals. Here’s how you can get that “To Do, To Done!”

I. Video establishes word-of-mouth, makes you viable and visual in a saturated market. It also communicates credibility.

Allows fitness brands to showcase their unique brands thus increasing visibility in their demographic. Creating responsive fans or friends and or clients/customers (there’s a difference). But it must be worthwhile content! When customers (people that consume) or clients (people that invest) share your video in their network, it’s like a broadcast (for you IT & Video Guys). Marketers may call this a reach. It’s no longer a trend it’s all your marketing rolled up into ONE (i.e. print content, website content, TV, social media content, podcast, stream, broadcast, radio etc…)

Say you own a gym or martial arts school, or you’re a yoga instructor you could use Instagram place a video to share an offer with new customers in the local area. A nicely produced video though, people have gotten away from production! Anyway, do a $100 ad spend, the video could be viewed over the thousands. Several viewers could comment, and you can reply, tag others, and drive organic target traffic off it. Much more than brand awareness, we brand for LIFE!

Drive new signups! Consumers make a purchase after watching videos – the investigators. A fitness studio video, no let’s media (more than one vide) will provide doses of viewers Peace of Mind feeling the need to sign up. Consistency is key, not duplicating what someone did on YouTube – but trust in your experience not there’s.

II. Video (Media) fosters trust by giving potential customers/clients real view of your industry...

Never be intimidated to take things to the next level or try something new, discover and target an audience with your products, services, instructors and or trainers and facilities from anywhere. You work with a brand media specialist/ content producer and do 1 for each. It’s affordable with the right company

Next level for fitness businesses can mean using video to leverage/upsell people interested in your methods. Also, sharing your expertise one to one (with video or in person), then showcase your instructors and or existing customers. Growth can mean video ads which are cheaper compared to traditional print or televisions ads. Display all of your videos where you work and or your place of business. You should be playing on your client’s cell phone as well – it’s another place of business!

III. Competition is a real thing!

It sounds cute to say, “we no competitors, we’re our own competition!” If you look around, you’ll see your profession everywhere. Social video is here to stay for all business types and thus far, so its capitalism ism-schism. Show an audience what you have to offer and differentiate yourself in the fitness world. Fitness industry on the rise, no it has risen; therefore, it’s crucial to stay visual and viable for potential clients. The marketplace will remain competitive and saturated.

Be the yellow car in rush hour traffic, that’s what we help you do. Fitness professionals need to understand how media on media works today. * Video performs overly well on all the major social media platforms, and your brand achieves visibility without going broke or investing loads of time and effort – with the right producer.

IV. Here’s how to gear up for brand video marketing & sales success.

Most of you have started using video to give your own fitness business a leverage. But here are some video types to help you need produced not just shot. So even if you already have video footage and or photos you can use, how do you communicate it?

A. Get it edited or get your ideas shot professionally for greater impact!

  • Produce a branding video to differentiate yourself and provide the why? Brand awareness with a sell!

  • Produce a tutorial video (don’t give away too much) with a client.

  • Give you client footage to practice at home

  • Use short video ads (10 seconds or less) with a landing page. Also, Promote an event or open house with a video ad.

  • Share a testimonial video using quotes from current customers like the one mentioned above.

  • Produce a promotional video announcing a special offer.

Any business can get something from this article, but one hat fits all does not apply here. Therefore, larger fitness companies to quaint fitness studio brands to personal trainers, your industry is using the power of video. What they may not know is a media to media strategy. Video is the best word of mouth because there’s metric there. It’s an effective way to get potential clients interested and all clients coming back.

Start with an affordable producer, for the same reason people would use a trainer or gym to brand and sell today. Remember your experience is your own.


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Peace i.e. Rick Hughes Jr. is a passionate content creator, dedicated to producing positive change through the power of video. Starting his career as a Hip Hop artist named "Peace," Rick developed his skills in communications and broadcast journalism, which led him to work with major media outlets such as Black Entertainment Television, News Channel 8, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and various music groups. In 2001, he founded Peace Entertainment Media, providing top-quality videography services to a diverse clientele. It's a socially responsible edutainment brand that leverages the power of videos to promote positive impact within the business community. With his team, Rick has expanded his offerings to include video marketing, photojournalism, and live streaming services. Rick continues to connect and engage through his creative work, making a significant impact on the business and entertainment industries.

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