Remember When U POP the Question? Getting Engaged. Proposals

How was your Proposal? There can be a lot of reactions in a short amount of time! Check out these 6 stages of being proposed, let us know if you can relate!

Stage One:

Complete shock. You had no idea that casual stroll through the park or dinner at your favorite restaurant was going to end with a proposal.

Stage Two:

You are trying your best to keep it together. Your Significant Other is on One Knee & U know the waterworks are coming.

Stage Three:

Excitement takes over, U can’t keep your Answer In Any longer!  Everyone should know you #Isaidyesweddingsbypeace !

Stage Four:

You have the Ring on and are so thank goodness you you got that Last Minute Manicure. Let’s be honest engagement rings looks better on a Freshly Polished Finger!

Stage Five:

Immediately You Share Your Moment on Social Media, but it takes a few tries to get that Selfie right…

Stage Six:

Now your Ready to show off your NEW Bling Ring in person. The whole world needs know!

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